It includes: Just make sure the Mittens and Max are in their pet carriers beneath the chair for the duration of the flight. Trip Cancellation and Trip Interruption protection Emergency Medical and Dental coverage 24/7 emergency assistance and concierge services anywhere on earth. Just as the world is longing to get an all-animal version of West Side Story, the correct venue is not on an airplane at 35,000 ft.

You can purchase excursion protection and discover more information here. The United Airlines and US Airways pet coverage for guide dogs and service animals allows for physical and emotional support creatures to fly with their owners on all flights. In-flight entertainment. Your helper must be on the ground in any way times and remain out of the middle aisle. United Air Lines offers free streaming entertainment program called United Studio. So, if your guide dog is a big breed, then you may want to appease your row-mates with a few choices from the beverage cart. This permits you to watch free movies and TV shows on your device.

US Airways Rewards Program As smoothly as the merger went, 1 area where you may expect to have undergone a disturbance would have been mixing both frequent flyer membership programs. You may download the app on your device . Fortunately, however, this is a non-issue. Seat-back entertainment is also available. The US Airways rewards team has been consumed by Uniteds AAdvantage program. For a synopsis of what’s now playing, click here.

That is two great tastes that taste great together. Food. All member information was handily rolled over in the new enrollment. Different menus prepared by different chefs are available depending in the path you are flying. The very best part is US Airways miles for enrolled members were converted into AAdvantage points at the right time of the merger. For a glimpse at the route-dependent menu, click here.

So, even though you are a new member, you arent starting over from scratch. An entire list of seats sizes depending upon the 35 different aircraft types flown by United can be found here. Its like you are a VIP first time you step from the club.

Members can use miles to over 1000 destinations across the world with United or their partner airlines. Together with US Airways Dividend Miles participants now being part of the United Airlines AAdvantage rewards program, members now have new ways to earn miles and help you save money. Click here to subscribe to the program and here to learn more about subscription benefits. If you shop with preferred vendors, not only do you get exceptional deals, you can even collect reward points.

Lounges. Plus, the AAdvantage credit card helps you earn points with each purchase. United Sky Club members may get 239 United Sky Clubs or partner lounges around the world. When you cover your travel with that card through, you save even more and earn points while doing it! That is a win-win merger for certain. The Expense of the Single Visit Pass is US$59. US Airways Seat Information One of the excellent things about the US Airways and United Airlines merger is that both have very similar inflight amenities.

Other passengers with the ticket or membership type listed here may also get into the lounges. US Airways updated to a larger carrier serving more destinations, but the aircraft from both fleets are nearly identical. Delayed, damaged or missing bag.

Your old US Airways seat choice in economy class is basically the same as you’ll have with United. If upon landing your find that your luggage have been delayed, you’ll have to notify you of the airline’s agents at the airport. If you need just a tiny bit more legroom, but cant afford the business-class rates, look in the Main Cabin Extra upgrade. You will find a file reference number, which you’ll have to initiate claims process. For a small fee, you get greater legroom, priority boarding, as well as united airlines com flights a previous departure as soon as you land.

You might be eligible for a bag charge rebate (see below) if your second or first paid checked luggage (s) have been delayed for over 12 hours after being reported to some baggage service agent/office. Aside from the free adult drinks, its a first-class experience without the first-class price . Enter your bag details . While youre in the atmosphere, most airplanes offer available Wi-Fi, streaming video, in-seat entertainment, and of course the principal overhead display for you to enjoy. Use the form here if your bag has been lost or damaged. Business-class passengers are offered a tablet packed with all of the above options on a single handy hand-held apparatus.

Compensation for baggage. Youll also get the exact same great service which you are accustomed to, plus, United Airlines awakened its inflight dining game. Bag fee rebates will be either a US$25 or US$50 ETCV that may be used for prospective ticketing on United Air Lines. From a salad with delicate greens to get an appetizer to a tasty dessert with dish a la mode, you won’t go hungry, thats for certain! It is possible to anticipate US$25 ETCV if the initial bag charge was paid and one bag is lost and US$50 ETCV if the second tote fee was paid and 2 bags are lost (there is a max of US$50 rebate per passenger). US Airways Domestic Flights. Reasonable expenses will also be reimbursable provided that receipts are presented.

Find US Airways domestic flights available for all of your favorite United States destinations, even from small cities, to the big cities, US Airways will get you there.

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